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From Havana to John’s Creek






Aldey was born in Havana, Cuba. He’s one of four boys that were raised learning hard work, business and entrepreneurship from their father who also taught them family values. He started barbering (very funny story) while going to school for a chemistry degree back in 1993. He finished school, but his passion went to being a barber. In 2000, he and his wife, Yanet, were blessed with the visa lottery that allowed them to come to the United States, something that he had been wanting like many other Cubans. Once here, he continued working as a barber where he built a clientele. In 2005 Aldey opened his own shop and continue to grow his following of customers for which he is very thankful. Aldey lives in Cumming with his wife, three boys and a girl.

For over 10 years Aldey has been my barber and I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my haircut. My hair requires some special attention due to being thin in the front, and I can always count on Aldey to provide me with the best haircut and suggestions on how to style it. One other thing I can always count on one or two cheesy jokes while I get my haircut, it’s nice to feel like family when I come in and great to be able to support a local family business. This is an all around excellent Barber Shop!


You ever just walk in somewhere, and feel like you’re at home……I was referred to Aldey by a friend of mine who is a professional stylist. She rarely refers anyone as her reputation is on the line. She was right and Aldey exceeded my expectations compared to other shops that I have been to in the past. I have never waited more than 10 minutes on the busiest day and the Schedulicity online appointment setting system ensures that you are in and out in short order. It’s a truly enjoyable experience inclusive of the hot lather neck shave. The quality of the haircut is exceptional and I have been coming to Aldey for years and highly recommend his services.